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The Revenge of the War

In a damp, gloomy, beaten city called Ithaca there was a little village named Wauconda. Everybody was grumpy and sorrowful because of the war but there was one person that faith to save it all. His name was Zeno, he was almost superhuman for his amazing strength and bravery. He was going to go on an adventure to find the king of all monsters.


He walked over to a hill and saw a weird looking cave. It was weird because there was icicle stuck in the wall next to the entrance. Slowly Zeno went inside the cave and saw something glistening, he went closer to investigate the light. Soon enough he found out it was a key surrounded by ice. Zeno picked up the key but didn’t know that it had a pressure plate underneath it. As soon as he picked it up he heard clanking and smashing. Quickly he put the key in his pocket and ran for the exit, he looked over his shoulder and saw a giant beast the size as five cars.


Zeno got out of the cave but the beast that I call the blister couldn’t get through the hole because rocks were blocking the way out. He started to walk through the pink blossoming trees and suddenly saw a little hut, known body was inside the hut, so Zeno went inside to live in there. 5 hours later, finally it turned night Zeno got in bed and went to bed.


He woke up, Zeno quickly got everything ready and set off from the rigged damp hut. When he got out he looked at the cave and the rocks disappeared, it seemed that the blister escaped. Zeno turned around and saw the blister tall as a skyscraper, Zeno got his giant axe out and slashed at the beast, The blister tried to grab Zeno but before he knew it blisters hand was gone he dropped to the ground dropping a staff, a map and a piece of a goblet.


To be continued                    


Rosalena & The Dragfish!!

Long, long ago, in the ancient city of Sparta, with its long glistening gold beaches, the dragfish was waiting quietly down below the surface waiting to make his move…

Poseidon, king of the sea was sitting on his pearly white sea­­-shell throne overloaded with weaved sea-weed pillows, and his sparkly gold trident clutched in his hands. Crash! From behind a huge coal black fish with turquoise spikey fins & teeth as white and sharp as snow came up from behind him, there was a huge BANG!! And King Poseidon was gone…

Back up in the chaotic city of Sparta, Rosalina and her mother Aphrodite were walking across the sunny beaches of spitatang when a whirlwind came up from the now jet black ocean with something very peculiar larking underneath. The creature had two red laser eyes, as well as sharp indestructible spikes. Her and her mother backed away slowly as not to alarm the creature… Slowly, they went back to the house were Telekansy was waiting for them. They told her all about it and decided to go to the library.

As they walked to the library they heard a storm getting closer and closer behind them. They rushed in, but there was no man behind the counter, so they decided to see the sea monster section and each of them took out 5 scrolls and started looking through them. Finally, Aphrodite found a drawing of a huge black fish with spikes and all…

The revenge of the war 2

The obliterated city burnt down to smithereens with jet-black blood scattered across the battle field running into the distance. Meanwhile, two intrepid heroes rose from the extent. Sauntering through the dead warriors. Their names being Zeno and Rastus. Zeno fought in the brutal war. Memories shot back to him. The friends he fought with now laying abate on the ground. The tranquil field suddenly spoke, “Come here my dear people. There is more than this war coming your way. Be prepared for the next battle.”

Rastus and Zeno finally returned to their home village, Wuganda. At that moment, Zeno reached into his pocket and picked up an unusual key. He explained that three things are needed, “A key, a door and a goblet. You can find them all by connecting all three maps I’ve found one. “

Rastus then eventually started rounding up brawny warriors.

The Return Of Trillion!


Long ago, in the colossal and spectacular city of Wakanda, a vengeful, petrifying and terrifying monster called Trillion, was making total havoc and chaos. Having three snake heads and a massive lion’s body, Trillion was almost unstoppable and the people of Wakanda had no chance of defeating him. One day, the king called a meeting to say if anyone wanted to try to defeat Trillion. Only one person said yes. It was Jackson. He was muscly, courageous, fearless and a determined man. He wore a blood red cape, fine clothes and kept a golden staff and an invincible shield at his glorious house. But he was banned from using them. Even though he couldn’t use them, Jackson was always prepared. “Jackson, ok you are able to use your weapons because you are our only hope.” The king announced, “Our fate is now on your hands.” Jackson nodded and thanked the king then headed back to his house to prepare for battle.

The next day was unbearable day. The king was missing! Everyone was miserable and shocked. Everyone was furious But Jackson was brave and so he carried on, he knew Trillion was responsible for this. Jackson thought Trillion must have come at midnight. As the hills stretched over the horizon, he walked and walked until he heard a blood-curling, vicious and ferocious roar from his left. As he turned to his right… Smack!

When Jackson woke, he looked around the room and he immediately knew he was in a prison cell. As he stood up, he noticed the king in his shining armour! But as he looked closer he saw it was changing into Zeus.                                                                                                              “You, Jackson have been brave against Trillion but…” Zeus’s face started to fill with anger, “but you must kill him. You see Trillion is wreaking destruction and obliteration. The Wakandons are depending on you.” And with that Zeus faded away. So Jackson put in all of his effort and strength and flung the door down with his staff. He felt brave.                 

To Be Continued...

The Battle!

Long ago in the city of Athens, with its magnificent buildings, and gold pillars. The bustling streets of the town people rushed through something was in the air that smelled fishy. Avery lived in a little street called aurora she love walking through it because it was beautiful with its flowers overhanging. The sea slender lived in the beautiful azure blue sea. One day, she went to see Poseidon. He was sat on his pearl Wight throne with his pure gold trigon raised in his hand. She swam to Poseidon’s lair, with waves crashing over her. This is what she said this, “do you want to have a battle?”  They had been through some bad things in the past for example: Poseidon had tried to concur the land of Athens.


“ it’s on” shouted the sea slayer who was aviary’s beloved pet. She adored him.

 Poseidon gasped “I will arrange it for the 25th of June my diary will be cleared for that day!”

“okay that’s great remember your pour little ants in other words army.”

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